Which bathroom is the most haunted?

The two-person bathtub was the source of much concern in the Ohio City neighborhood when it was first discovered.

The water was brownish and foul, but it was not as bad as the smell in the basement, said neighbor Mary McElroy, 59.

She said she noticed a light bulb coming on and thought someone was having a bathtub party.

She also said she saw a figure in the tub.

“I had heard about the tub for some time, and I didn’t really know if there was a bath tub,” she said.

“I thought it was the wrong house.”

The bathtub is located behind a home on South Wabash Avenue.

McElroy said she has never been to the home before and that her husband was also home on the day she found the tub and was unable to go in to check on it.

She was able to walk her dog out to the back yard to see if she could find it, but was not able to find it.

She said the owner was the only one who lived in the home, but the house is vacant and boarded up.

The house is also listed as being vacant and has been in foreclosure for several years, McElry said.

The home is located at 2830 South Wabeau Street, Ohio City, Ohio.

McDonald said she was told by her neighbors that the owner is a woman who lives in Ohio City and that she has a boyfriend.

“She was very apologetic about the bathtub being there,” McDonald said.

She added that her neighbors also reported that the house was vacant.

McEllroy said that she and her husband were able to get the tub fixed and moved out to a vacant lot about five miles away.

She believes that the water was still there, but that it was no longer in the water.

McIlroy said there was no one in the house the day of the discovery.

“We were at the door when I heard this noise and my husband went outside to look at the water,” she told the News-Herald.

“He told me the water’s still there.

I’m not going to be able to go into the house until the water is cleaned.”

McDonald is not sure how long the water had been in the bath, but she said it could be a few days.

McDavid said she believes it was a man or woman in the room with the tub, but McElsey said that is not true.

McDermott said she had been to many homes with water problems, but never a tub.

McElford said she and McElrion had to be rescued by the police when they found the bath tub.

The two women were taken to a hospital for treatment and were in stable condition.

The two-person bathtub was the source of much concern in the Ohio City neighborhood when it was first discovered.The water…

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