‘The Mummy’ – 3D Bathtub Drop In Shower

The Mummy, a remake of the 1971 film starring Tom Cruise and George Lazenby, has been set to hit cinemas on January 26th.

The remake is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood and will also star the original cast.

It’s the first big movie in 20 years to be set in a new world.

The Mummies remake has been a long time coming, but it looks like the wait is over.

“The Mummies” remake has always been in the works, and the project had been in development for over a decade before it finally came to fruition in March of 2017.

The new Mummy movie will be directed by Matt Reeves, and will feature the return of Cruise, and new star Kathy Bates.

The original Mummy is expected to return as a new film sometime in 2018.

We’ll be updating this article as soon as more information becomes available.

You can see more Mummy photos below.

The remake is expected in 3D, and was inspired by the original film’s “drop in shower”.

According to IMDB, the drop in shower sequence will include a scene of the bathtub being submerged in a pool of water.

The scenes will also feature “a mysterious creature and an evil mummy” (in which the Mummy uses his powers to make the scene disappear).

The new “drop bathtub” sequence will take place at the same time as the scene in the original.

The original Mummies was released in 1975, and starred Cruise as the titular mummy.

The sequel was released a year later, in 1977.

The third film, The Muppet Christmas Carol, was released the same year.

The film has been remade five times, and is still one of the most popular films in film history.

The Mummy, a remake of the 1971 film starring Tom Cruise and George Lazenby, has been set to hit cinemas…

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