Woman in bath tub,bathroom price hike,bathrooms at $250-$350 a pop

By now you’ve probably heard the news: A woman in New Jersey was forced to pay $250 for a bathtub.

The story of the woman who found herself in a bind and then paid for a tub after she found out that the price of her tub had gone up, has been shared hundreds of times on social media.

So how does this story come to light?

It all started when a New Jersey woman, Katie Gorman, contacted The Post.

She was in the process of renovating her home when she found that her basement bathtub was not up to code.

It was just a regular-sized tub, but she wanted a bath with the capacity to hold 10 people.

She contacted the owner, a woman named Sarah.

She explained that she didn’t think the tub should have cost more than $250.

She wanted to know if she could get a refund or a discount.

Sarah agreed to refund Gorman the difference.

The two spoke for several minutes and agreed to a refund.

Gorman went back to Sarah and asked her if she had any questions about the refund or discount.

She was told that the bathtub would be returned to her for a $250 fee.

Gorman then contacted The New York Post, and the story went viral.

Gomer was also contacted by a reporter who was in a similar situation, and they agreed to meet.

They asked Sarah to put them on hold for a couple of hours while she made arrangements.

Sarah told the reporter that she was in charge of the refund, and that she would be returning the bath to Gorman for the same fee.

The reporter was impressed by Gorman’s commitment and her willingness to get the refund.

Gormer, however, wasn’t satisfied.

She called The Post to ask if she should get a lawyer.

German had a lawyer and Gorman called a lawyer for the refund to be denied.

Gomers lawyer wrote back to the New York Times that he thought Sarah should get the money back, and he was willing to work with her.

But the Times’ editors weren’t buying it.

They wrote,Gorman’s attorney wrote that the $250 was a reasonable price for the tub and the company had no control over what happens to the tub after the sale.

It’s a legal dispute that could cost her as much as $500,000.

Sarah responded,Gomer had the right to a fair and reasonable refund.

The refund should be denied, because it was a fraud.

The tub was a product of a company that is owned by Sarah’s husband, who owns the company that made the tub.

Sarah’s attorney argued that the refund was denied because the company Sarah was selling it to, was not Sarah’s.

Sarah’s attorney also said that the tub had been sold at the time of the sale to another woman for $350.

Sarah had to pay Sarah a fee for a refund and the refund wasn’t made to her.

The Times rejected Sarah’s argument.

Gorser’s attorney sent The Post a copy of his letter and told them that they needed to get back to her with a refund, which Sarah was not interested in.

Sarah didn’t want to wait that long, so she filed a complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General.

Gomes lawyer told the New Yorker that she had the tub for two months before they returned it to her, and she believed that Sarah had the wrong tub.

Gomes lawyer also said they were not going to be able to make the refund because they couldn’t get a copy.

Gomas attorney told the Times that Sarah has been in trouble with her husband before and she was willing not to go through this again.

Sarah said she wanted to see the tub again, but they would have to see Sarah.

Sarah was able to get a replacement for the $350 and get her refund.

The New Yorker’s story also brought attention to a similar story that had been reported by The Washington Post a few months earlier.

That story also had some problems with its facts.

For example, Sarah told the Post that the Bathtub Repair Center in South Brunswick, New Jersey, would not refund her because she had bought a $400 replacement tub and that the cost to install it was $400.

The New Yorker said that this was a mistake.

But Sarah said that she paid for the replacement and that it was not $400, and in fact, the tub was actually $350 with the original price tag.

Sarah and her attorney also claimed that the woman in South Jersey who had the same problem was the same woman in Pennsylvania.

The woman who had her problem in Pennsylvania had not bought a replacement tub.

The woman who reported her story was a New York City woman who called The Washington Times to complain about her bill for a new tub.

She said she paid $350 for a replacement.

The Times agreed to do a follow-up story on Sarah, who called the story a “joke.” The Times

By now you’ve probably heard the news: A woman in New Jersey was forced to pay $250 for a bathtub.The…

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