A new way to decorate bathtubs with bathtub drain clutter

A new approach to bathtub decoration is in the works, but you probably won’t see it in your local hardware store anytime soon.

According to The New York Times, a company called Ravell is developing a custom bathtub filter that can filter out the stench of urine, feces, and other bodily fluids in your tub.

The filter, which uses the same technology as a regular toilet, is meant to filter out waste from the bathtub floor and prevent other odors.

Ravella’s company, Ravello, has raised more than $200,000 to date to develop the technology, which it hopes will become a standard in bathtub cleaning.

As part of the funding drive, Radell plans to produce the filter for $50 per filter unit and plans to ship the product to customers this summer.

Radello’s founders are already working with Bathtub Cleaners, a small startup based in Los Angeles that uses a similar design to Ravelli’s.

But the company’s cofounder, David Ravelly, says he and his colleagues are excited about the potential of the new technology.

“It’s a real challenge to clean a bathtub because it has a lot of different materials in it,” he told The New Yorker.

“You need to do the best you can with that.

And that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

Raveley says he’s also excited about helping other bathtub manufacturers, who may want to offer a similar solution to customers.

“We’re hoping that there are a few of these guys who want to do it,” Raveell told the New York Daily News.

“I think they’re the future of our industry.”

A new approach to bathtub decoration is in the works, but you probably won’t see it in your local hardware…

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