Which are the most common stains on fiberglass bathtubes?

In a recent blog post, kohler announced that the company is now using a new, low-toxic fiberglass-based paint that can clean and disinfect the entire tub, regardless of whether it’s a stainless steel or copper tub.

Kohler has been using the paint in its kohl beds since last year, and the company’s customer service reps have already seen a lot of the positive results.

“The results so far are fantastic,” Kohler’s marketing manager, Jessica Tovar, told TechCrunch.

“We’ve had people saying, ‘It’s so much easier to clean.’

We’ve had customers who said, ‘I never had any issues with my bathtub.’

It really has been a real relief for us.”

Kohler has recently added another service called Clean Kohl, which allows customers to test their tub’s condition and then take action on the stain with a simple touch.

In a statement, Kohler noted that it is the first manufacturer to use this new coating and said that the paint will also be available to other bathtub manufacturers in the coming months.

Kohlers use of the paint is actually a good thing, according to John Gee, who runs the Internet Trends blog at TechCrunch, since it means that people are likely to see results before they know they have a problem.

“It’s a great opportunity to start testing for stains,” Gee told TechRadar.

“People are already noticing it and they are seeing that the stains are disappearing.

It’s great to see this sort of thing in the consumer space.”

While it’s not the first time a manufacturer has tried using a paint to clean a fiberglass tub, it’s the first to do so with such a high degree of success.

“I’m thrilled to see that it’s been so successful and that it has been tested so widely,” GEE said.

“You don’t normally see a company make this sort to do something like this.”

The company will be rolling out more low-tech cleaning methods in the future, but for now, it seems like a great first step.

“With this kind of work, we know that our products can really clean up the inside of your bathtub, so it’s really encouraging to see how it’s going to do for customers,” Gees said.

In a recent blog post, kohler announced that the company is now using a new, low-toxic fiberglass-based paint that can…

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