Why are the bathtub doors on Fiberglass Bases not closed?

The doors are always open, says Mark, the tub repair expert.

He’s happy with the repair.

“If they were closed it would be a big mess.”

But they are closed, and the tub is now out of warranty.

It’s now at the end of its life.

Mark says he was only able to get the tub repaired because a specialist in New Zealand, who also repaired the base for the A$1.5m model, was in Auckland at the time.

“He was in the shower, and when I got there he was just gone.”

Mark says it was a miracle that the tub was in good condition at the start of the repairs, but the damage has done irreparable damage.

The A$500,000 tub is not cheap to fix, Mark says, but it’s not going to last forever.

“I don’t want to say it’s a bad deal but it certainly isn’t worth the money to have that tub sitting there.”

What can be done to make the repair?

Mark says the biggest mistake the tub owner could make is putting too much pressure on the base of the tub.

“It’s got a hole in it, and it’s going to sit there for a long time.”

He should have had the tub out of service for three weeks or four weeks, and then he could have gone to a specialist to fix it.

“There’s another big problem with the tub’s base.

He says the tub should have been bolted to the base, and that’s what he did. “

Fiberglass is a very hard material, but if you don’t keep the base flat, it will crack,” Mark says.

He says the tub should have been bolted to the base, and that’s what he did.

But Mark says that would have meant the base would have to be welded, which is what he does with most of his repairs.

“That would have cost a lot of money.”

The A $1.9m tub repair project has cost A$2.4m, but Mark says there was no major difference in the outcome.

“The tub is working great now.

The base is still not completely fixed, but I’m very happy with that,” he says.

“When I first started, I was only fixing tubs for $300, and now I have $300 and a few thousand dollars to fix a tub.

It was just not worth the time to do that.”

What next?

The A model has already sold out, and many others are likely to follow suit.

“A$1,000 has gone up,” says Mark.

“There’s a lot more people coming after me.”

But it’s only a matter of time before a bigger number of people are looking to upgrade their tubs.

Mark doesn’t plan on having to replace the entire base in the future, and he’s optimistic about the A-model.

“Once I get the A, I’m going to upgrade it to A$5,000 and start making it a full tub.”

The doors are always open, says Mark, the tub repair expert.He’s happy with the repair.“If they were closed it would…

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