Why the tub photoshoots are so popular in Israel

It’s a hot summer day and I’m standing on a terrace of a high-rise apartment building in the Israeli city of Haifa.

The building is adorned with a large, neon-lit swimming pool with a pool table, a few folding chairs, and a giant poster of the Jewish people’s “bed of the deluge.”

The pool is a kind of “reglazing,” a sort of reverse bathtub re-creation of the Biblical flood, which occurred thousands of years ago.

The pool was created by a company called Bathtub Reglazing.

This is the kind of project I like to do, since I like the idea of a re-purposing of a pool into a sort, or “re-glazing” a place.

I like this project because it is a bit of an escape from the mundane reality of life in Israel.

At the same time, I think the project can also serve as a model for the re-imagining of Jerusalem’s cityscape, especially the areas around the Pool.

In recent years, the city of Jerusalem has been undergoing a transformation that has attracted the attention of a new generation of Israeli artists.

Many of these artists, including some of my favorite artists like Tariq Khoury and Meir Amit, have been involved in the reclamation of the city’s cultural heritage.

This project was originally launched by a group of young artists who were tired of being a part of the same old cityscape of Tel Aviv.

They wanted to bring a bit more life to the city.

This new wave of Israeli art has been taking place in the city, in Haifa and in the Palestinian territories.

I am not surprised that artists are taking part in the project.

Artists, of course, want to re-live the memories of their childhoods.

But the reopening of the Pool of Reflection is also an opportunity to bring about a kind and meaningful re-occupation of the site of the biblical flood, where the story of the Flood and the Israelites is told.

This water is a source of life for the people who lived in the area when the flood took place, and it is also the source of hope for those who will be left behind in the desert.

The flood was a terrible and traumatic event that wiped out the Canaanite people.

For thousands of generations, the land has been a desert.

It is now being re-established in the hope that it can bring about the rebirth of the people.

A lot of artists have been participating in this project, including my dear friend Meir.

Meir has been an integral part of my artistic life.

I know that many of you know him well, since we both lived in Israel for quite a long time.

I was in HaIFA in 2003 and 2004.

We met at a school where we shared a room, where we studied together.

Me and Meiread were always very interested in what we did in Haaretz.

We shared a lot of interests and interests, including the art of the Middle Ages.

In 2007, we were asked by a friend who was planning to move to Jerusalem to take a workshop with us to make an exhibition in the old city of Tel-Aviv.

We wanted to take the opportunity to reenact the flood on a larger scale.

We decided to set up a studio at the Pool Gallery in Ha’avat Shomron, which is a large building on the site where the Pool was located.

A small number of artists and I took part in that workshop.

We started the project after an invitation was sent to the artists.

I asked if I could put the group together for the first time.

After the workshop, Meirean, Tariqa, and I were invited to a party in HaFara, where there were also artists from the old school.

After that, we decided to go to a nearby mosque and pray in the pool.

In the beginning, I wasn’t so sure about this project.

I thought it was a bit risky.

I wasn’ t sure whether the artists would be interested in it.

I remember saying to them, “Do you really think we’ll get to meet these guys?”

I remember telling them, and that was when they agreed to participate.

The first time I saw the Pool, I was amazed.

It was a beautiful place, with a beautiful water, and beautiful people.

The water looked like water that was boiling on the edge of the pool, and the people were smiling and laughing.

There were so many different people around, and everyone was smiling and giggling.

The Pool became a place where we could all come together and share our stories.

The artists have become a part-time part-timer.

I don’t know if they are working on the project all day or if they have a regular job, but I know they have their work to do.

They are trying to reanimate the water of the world and their

It’s a hot summer day and I’m standing on a terrace of a high-rise apartment building in the Israeli city…

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