How to make a giant bathtub using porcelain and a $1,200 Lego piece

The best way to make the most of your bathroom is to put it on the ground.

And that’s where you need to look at a giant porcelaine bathtub.

The porcelains are a perfect fit for this project, and you can make a tub out of a few dozen.

If you have a lot of porcelines in your bathroom, you can easily make a bathtub out of one, too.

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You’re done!

Watch below for how to make this giant bathtub.

1 of 4 Next: Step-by-step instructions for building this giant water-filled bathtub The instructions below are for making a bath tub from the most basic parts of a toilet.

If the parts aren’t quite the right size, you’ll want to make some adjustments.

For example, you could get a larger tub, or even buy a bigger pot.

You’ll also need to get the right materials for the job.

First, you need a large, solid piece of porcrete.

This will be the base for the toilet, as well as a few other pieces of concrete that you’ll need for the bathtub floor.

(If you’re making a larger bathtub from a toilet, you won’t need a larger pot.)

You’ll need to buy two large pieces of solid porcelanes, like this one.

The one pictured here is just about the size of a normal bathroom sink.

Next, you want to add some more solid porcrete to the base.

You can do this by using a pair of pipe cleaners or sandpaper.

A small, smooth-sided piece of concrete like this is called a tile.

This is the first solid piece you’ll add to the bathtubes.

If your bathtub isn’t exactly flush, you might want to use a larger pipe cleaner to clean up any excess water that might be leaking into the water.

For the bath tub floor, you should buy one of the many different types of concrete available.

These are called tile or tile-covered porcelane.

You will also need a couple of large pieces.

You should get a large pot, and a couple more large porcelanoes.

These two are the size you’ll be using to make your bath tub, which will be about the same size as the pot you used to make it.

If this is the only bathroom you have in your house, you may want to buy a second bathroom.

In this case, you would also want to get a bucket and a bucket of sand.

The bucket would be good for keeping the sand from getting in the sink, and the sand is good for the tub.

The final piece of solid concrete you’ll get to make is called tile flooring.

It’s usually used to protect tile floors from leaks.

This should be about a foot in diameter and about six inches wide.

For this bathtub project, you will need two large tile floorings.

These can be about four feet in diameter.

You may need to trim the tiles a bit to make them fit the tub, but this will make the tub more stable.

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The best way to make the most of your bathroom is to put it on the ground.And that’s where you…

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