What Happens When You Use a Stone Bathtub?

The story is one of the strangest stories I’ve ever read. 

It started with a friend who had an idea for a mini bathtub. 

This mini bathtubs was the perfect size for her and she wanted it to look like a bathtub full of water. 

She also wanted it in a small size to make it less expensive and to make sure that the water was deep enough for her to sit in it while her husband cleaned it. 

The idea was to create a tub that she could put in the sink, use her own water and use the toilet to wash. 

That’s when she started researching how to create her own sink and bathtub cover. 

What she found was that the best way to create the perfect cover was to put a stone in the bottom of the tub and a shallow dish in the top. 

When you put the stone in, it creates a seal around the tub that makes the water easier to get out of. 

Using a dish on top of the stone also helps to keep the water deep. 

Then when the water is in, you can use the dish to wash your hands. 

And the best part is that the stone will keep the tub from sinking, too. 

You’ll never go back to using the same old tub again. 

I’m not sure if this is a common thing, but I think it is. 

We are so used to seeing it on TV, but we never realize how often it happens to us. 

A few years ago, I made a stone bathtub in a mini-kitchen in our house. 

So I used the same steps I used for making my stone bathtub cover.

The steps were the same. 

First, I drilled holes in the side of the mini tub. 

Second, I used a hole saw to cut holes in a 2×2 board. 

Third, I placed a 2×2 piece of plywood on top to protect the stones from falling out. 

Finally, I put the stones in the water, then placed a dish in a deep dish to keep them from sinking. 

Now I just had to make a stone cover to protect my tub from falling down! 

The stone cover was easy to make. 

There were two different versions of this stone cover.

I used the 3/8″×3/8 inch version.

The 3/4″×1 inch version was just too big for my tub and it didn’t fit in the shallow dish. 

Instead, I had to use the 2×3 version to get the perfect depth for my stones. 

But what did it cost me? 

It was $30 to make and I’m still amazed at how easy it was. 

After you’ve made it, I’d recommend you make it at least twice to ensure you’re not disappointed. 

Or you can save some money by making a cover in a 3/16″×6 inch or 3/32″×10 inch version and then you can buy it on Amazon.

The story is one of the strangest stories I’ve ever read. It started with a friend who had an idea for…

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